Glasgow Croquet Club

How to Play

Most events during the season are arranged in co-operation with the SCA.

To see what is scheduled, click here.

For further information, or to ask any questions, please email or use the Contacs link.

There are many sources of information on how to play croquet and you will find many questions answered on Ian Plummer’s website, which is listed on the Links page.

Basic information is available here and any of the Contacts listed would be pleased to explain any details.

Joining the Club

Although everyone is welcome to come and try the game of croquet, we would hope that you would want to join as a member. This gives you unlimited access to the lawns and use of the equipment.

As an encouragement, membership is £9 for the first year and £36 thereafter for local members or £18 for those living at a distance from Glasgow.

To join, please contact any member of the committee or use the Contacts link.

A competition winner

Coaching sessions

Tactics and planning

Expert play


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Club History

Croquet has been played in Scotland since at least the mid-1800s.

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